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The Tones are progressive masters in the creation of soulful and honest hip hop in its most appealing form.  Being compared to the likes of Common, Kanye West, Q-tip, & Slum Village, many might wonder how such a sound can be derived from the California Bay Area.

Discovered on Myspace by Kero One, this versatile duo consists of rapper-producer, Retro, and rapper-singer, Suhn, who can sing anything from soul music to opera. ‘Dreamtalk’ is an album about pursuing dreams and living through the struggles and pleasures encountered on the way.  ‘Dreamtalk’ also gives motivation to others in pursuit of their dreams.  Mixing together a collection of bouncy party tracks, laid back soul grooves and vintage beats, The Tones hope to deliver a classic album.

Since the group first formed in 2001, The Tones have toured with the likes of Common, Slum Village, Little Brother, QuestLove, and Dr. Cornell West to name a few.   Within the same period of time, Suhn and Retro have developed great musical chemistry along with friendship.  Together, they have grown from amateurs to professionals, from brothers to fathers, and, from dreamers to conquerors.  Still they never stop dreaming. The Tones have ambitions and aspirations to create multi-platinum selling albums and, eventually, become CEOs of their own respective companies.

The Tones are a breath of freedom and a testament that Hip hop hasn’t died. It just needs a breath of fresh air; The Tones; creators of music that transcends genres beyond hip hop; or, simply put in the words of Grammy nominated artist Common, “[The Tones are] some real soulful brothers.” Listen to Dreamtalk on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3veaGzmZTwhpP25jdGsNVy?si=k_ZrOnhsQWmL_rza8UU6CQ