In this age of trendy trap music, Kero & Azure are here to remind us that there are other sides to rap/hip hop. Though nearly a generation apart, Kero & Azure share common ground, quite literally in fact. Not only are they both Bay Area natives, but they are each Korean-American rapper/producer/DJ’s that share an interest in vintage jazzy and soulful beats. Kero, an established international artist, contributes his lifelong experience in crafting feel good jazz-infused tracks while Azure, a member of iamsu!’s HBK gang, brings a fresh perspective to the project.

While Kero has recently been producing #1 hit songs in Asia (Park Kyung from Block B) and Azure hails from one of the Bay’s most successful rap crews, neither of them are resting on their laurels. Instead, these Bay rappers rely on a strong commitment to writing clever and often lighthearted lyrics while painting vivid pictures with their verses. Their new album release summer of 2017.