Kero One - Windmills of the Soul (Korea Only Edition) CD

Kero One - Windmills of the Soul (Korea Only Edition) CD

Kero One - Early Believers (Korea Only Edition)! CD

13 original quality tracks + the Bonus CD including King Most Remix of "Check The Blueprints", Jazz Remix of "Keep it Alive!", "The Cycle Repeats" Remix, and intstrumental & acapella tracks. (Korea only bonus CD)

Very limited quantities!


1.) Windmills Intro
2.) Give Thanks feat. Niamaj 
3.) Musical Journey
4.) My Story
5.) In a Dream
6.) Ain’t That Somethin?
7.) Tempted
8.) In All The Wrong Places
9.) Keep it Alive!
10.) The Cycle Repeats
11.) Fly Fly Away
12.) It’s a New Day
13.) Check the Blueprints

*Bonus CD

1.) Check the Blueprints (King Most Remix)
2.) Keep it Alive! (Jazz Remix)
3.) The Cycle Repeats (Instrumental)
4.) Check the Blueprints (Instrumental)
5.) Keep it Alive! (Jazz Remix Instrumental)
6.) The Cycle Repeats (Remix)
7.) Keep it Alive! (Acapella)

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